What is the benefit of this treatment to me?

With an increased life expectancy and higher expectations of quality of life, the majority of people are unwilling to accept removable dentures to replace missing teeth.

Dental implants have evolved over the last years to become a mainstream accepted solution for the replacement of missing teeth. Many different alloys are available – from 99% titanium and trace elements to alloys containing from anything to everything. Such combinations may have detrimental effects on the body.

Many people are concerned about the health risks associated with aluminium, nickel and many other metals used in these alloys. There have been reported incidences of allergic reactions to many metals and more recently to titanium (though this is still rare). A predictable way to accurately test for these allergies is to undertake a MELISA TEST.

It has been hypothesized that the reason for this increase in metal allergies may be linked to repeated contact with numerous metal materials that we subject our bodies to. For instance, titanium dioxide is a ubiquitous material found in toothpaste, in cosmetics, medications, and used as a flavour enhancer in dairy products to enhance the white colour! It has also been suggested that different metals when put together can setup a battery like effect. This may disrupt or alter sensitive rhythms in the body.

People are constantly striving for metal free medical/dental solutions, which will not interfere with the rest of the body. Materials such as zirconia, a completely bio inert product.

What are the benefits?

These have been used since the 1980’s but with dubious results. However, in the last decade, with the availability of cutting edge technologies, techniques and materials these are much more refined and predictable.

Zirconia metal free implants are biologically inert and so pose no risk of interaction or allergies to the human body.

Classified as a ceramic, zirconia is a poor electrical conductor, which means it can withstand drastic changes in temperature. Zirconia is also stronger than titanium and corrosion resistant – adding to the durability of this type of dental implant.

An inherent characteristic of the zirconia is its white appearance, allowing it to mimick, the translucent properties of a tooth and serves as a natural complement to surrounding healthy teeth and makes it a fine choice for natural looking dentistry.