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Why Does Good Treatment Cost So Much?

Why Does Good Treatment Cost So Much?

The cost for root canal treatments reflect the time that we spend to do it. Root canal treatment cannot be compared to filling. I will never compare it to a filling, because some people will say, “This filling cost me so much, why does a root canal cost me this”.

Root canal treatments require thorough cleaning of the root canal system which is a complex web of canals with inner roots themselves. It’s not just one tube. To do this, we use very fine instruments which will all have to be destroyed, because we are contacting nerve tissue there, and when these instruments touch the human nerve tissue, there is a risk of transferring VCJD.

They have to go every time; they are costly enough as they are. But the main cost is time. If you cut down on the time, you will cut down on the cost. That’s a given. However, if you cut down on the time, you will remove time from being thorough in the procedure.

So we like to dedicate enough time to ensure we do root canal treatments to the very best of our abilities and to the very highest standards available. That’s reflected in the cost of every root canal procedure.

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