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What are the Benefits of a Tongue Tie Surgery?

What are the Benefits of a Tongue Tie Surgery?

In order to accurately answer this question it is important to know what this type of surgery is and why it is beneficial. Once you are aware of this it can then be a lot easier to find appropriate treatment.

What it is

Tongue tie surgery also goes by the more formal name of anklyoglossia. You may have heard the expression tongue-tied to refer to someone who has difficulty speaking. While this is often intended as metaphorical a number of people who have speech difficulties actually do require surgery on their tongue in order to deal with speech difficulties. In some cases it may be considered alongside speech therapy.

What causes it

The way in which the tongue gets tied is due to something called the frenum. This is tissue that is left over after pregnancy. This ought to disappear or shrink down to such a small size that it does not affect speech. However if you suffer from being tongue tied the frenum may be too tight or thick and this can impair speech. It can be a hereditary condition and tends to be more prevalent in men than women.

There are different types of tongue tie surgery. The surgery may or may not involve lasers and in some cases you may require a general anaesthetic. Each of these types of surgery are appropriate in different contexts and an experienced practitioner ought to be able to guide you through the process.

What you may not realise is that the surgery has been used for a long time going as far back as the seventeenth century. It is often recommended for six month old babies in order to improve lactation and reduce pain for the mother when breastfeeding for the first time.


Many people have discussed and debated the effectiveness and the appropriateness of this treatment. People who have recommended this treatment include

  • Speech therapists
  • Dentists
  • Consultants who specialise in lactation
  • Surgeons

As such this means you have a number of people you can talk with to decide whether the surgery is appropriate. Consultations are often recommended as you consider whether this surgery is right for you.

Some people may also be concerned about whether this procedure will harm their children. However it does not tend to be painful and a lot of the time children sleep through the procedure with many midwives are trained to notice the frenum and snip it as appropriate. If the surgery has to be done in hospital there may be soreness for around a week. It is also worth noting that the procedure can be done for adults as well in order to improve speech problems, chewing and so forth.


As we can see it is not just something that can help children develop speech but also allow adults with speech difficulties to regain confidence and improved self image.

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