Imagine having the smile you had when you were in your 20’s restored.  Imagine that the gums and teeth look so life-like that that it’s difficult to know that they are not your teeth. Imagine that the dentures support you lips and jaws so well that they make you look ten years younger.

Now imagine when your out with your loved ones, your friends, or your someone special and they fall down!

This is where implants come in. This is a proven technology helping keep those dentures in your mouth – giving more security and retention power with limited movement. Less movement means less denture sores and more choice of food on the menu.

People sometimes worry about the procedure to have the implants inserted. This is a gentle surgery performed under local anaesthetic. If you prefer not to remember it then sedation can be used.

I believe and enjoy getting to know my clients. I do not treat teeth; I treat people. I understand that people have many concerns before embarking on these procedures. Concerns such as cost, fears of the procedures involved and not leaving worse than what they came in. I will discuss the investment of what you are trying to achieve and look at how that can fit within your budget. You will then be provided by a breakdown and duration of fees before you commit. I will introduce you to other clients like you who have had the treatment and what there experiences and how they have benefited from the end result. Each aspect of the treatment will be discussed with you so you know what to expect at each stage.

 The end result is stable secure teeth minus the mess and fuss of denture cream. There are three options available:

  1. Denture stabilization using mini implants –affordable implant pegs which are inserted into the jaws. These grip the dentures. Minimizing the movement.
  2. Denture Stabilisation using premium implants –high-grade surgical titanium implants, which are inserted into the jaws support the your dentures.
  3. “Teeth in a day”. Premium quality implants are inserted into the jaws. A temporary bridge (which has been custom designed for your mouth) is attached to these allowing you to have fixed teeth that do not come out. This is the closest feeling to natural teeth that you will get.
Implants may be the way forward if
  1. You have to ignore half the menu because you know you won’t manage it.
Your worried the denture might get lose
  1. if you bite down on something unexpected or hard,
  2. You become intimate with someone
  3. You sneeze.