Testimonial from Jane Ioannou

This testimonial was emailed to us by one of our patients.

It was in 1999 (during my first trip to the ‘local’ American dentist when I was living in California) that I first heard the dreaded words ‘you have chronic gingivitis’. By 2009 I was in severe pain, had debilitating migraines, could eat only limited foods and had massive gum recession. I then turned to Huw Martin-Jones at Integrated Dentalcare for help. Huw was my daughter’s excellent dentist undertaking orthodontic work on her and over the time I had been visiting the practice with my daughter I had built up a deep respect of his work and his opinions in dentistry.

Huw asked his colleague Neeraj Puri (who is experienced in implant surgery) to take a look at my teeth and gums – the prognosis was not good.

Neeraj told me as kindly as he could that the bone loss was severe, all of the teeth in the upper jaw were now exposed and loose and that was the reason for the relentless pain. He asked if I would consider dentures as he was concerned there was too little bone for implants, but being a slightly vain 51 year old at the time, I said that I really didn’t want to go down that route if I could help it, so Neeraj told me about implants.

I received my comprehensive over view and quote for the work to be done from Neeraj in April 2010 and once everything was discussed and agreed, the work began in earnest. Over the next two years I underwent intensive hygienist treatment at the practice with Niki Hardie, who is the best, most thorough but gentle hygienist I have ever had do work on my teeth.

Over the next two years, Neeraj worked painstakingly and efficiently on water laser sterilisation of the infected sockets, he constantly reviewed my bite, he prepared my teeth for temporary bridges and made sure the teeth extraction process was as comfortable, pain free and trauma free as possible. Neeraj then undertook the implant surgery, using water lasers which made the surgery and healing process for less harrowing that it would otherwise have been.

I am hugely indebted to Neeraj for his time, patience, professionalism and commitment to this ‘project’. Without his work and the combined efforts of the whole practice, especially Niki Hardie, Lucy Tait, Jean Smith, Ania Paterson and of course Huw Martin-Jones, I would not now have a pain free, confident and truly beautiful natural smile.