Teeth in a Day: As Fast as the Tooth Fairy Takes Them, We Replace Them

One of the most upsetting episodes in a person’s life can be when they begin loosing their own teeth. This can be due to neglect; gum disease – sometimes accelerated by bite related problems; or failure to be diagnosed by their dentist. It feels like another “nail in the coffin” to getting older. You feel that you are losing your confidence, your smile. The options on the food menu seem to shrink as it becomes more difficult to eat. Even chewing the same is impossible with wobbly or missing teeth, never mind the general health implications of all the toxins and bacteria getting into your bloodstream through the gum pockets that have developed.

For some people it can be so hard that they live in denial; with some even living in hope that there is some way to regrow teeth. When realization hits home, its usually with the belief that dentures are the only way. Dentures, aren’t they what your grandparents or even your parents wore? They didn’t even look real. You see it in the street all the time – people walking around with plastic teeth oblivious to the fact that people around them are aware that these are not their real teeth. In some cases dentures even fall down during eating as they loose suction.

After laser treatment of the infected sockets we are ready to place the implants. Once this has occurred our onsite clinical ceramist will custom make the bridge for you as per your design. We may modify the design if it does not look natural on your face. Once all parties are satisfied we screw the bridge on and you are ready to go home!

– Neeraj Puri, experienced Implantoligist

What are the alternatives? Dentures do not have to look like false teeth if they are crafted artistically! Very few people have a perfect set of natural teeth. Mild to moderate discrepancies such as crowding; rotation of teeth and chipping looks very natural and believable. Of course if you want the perfect smile, there is nothing wrong with this either. After all, you are going to wear that smile for a longtime and so you need to be happy with what you see in the mirror.

That addresses the appearance, but what about the confidence of dentures not slipping when you talk, when you eat or when you sneeze? Or lets be honest, during those intimate occasions when you really wouldn’t want the other person to think that those teeth are not real.

In these situations implants are an ideal solutions! Now you must we wondering, “for a whole mouth or a jaw, won’t that be really expensive?”. It would be if you wanted to have an implant for each missing tooth or hand crafted ceramic teeth made from scratch. A fabulous solution if you have very deep pockets and are happy to go through about 3-15 months worth of treatment. If on the other hand you are like the majority of people who want an economic and fast solution with limited downtime and follow-up appointments, then a “fixed solution” is the answer.

With implants, after some discussion on your specific requirements and “smile design”, a mockup is created for your approval. This is modified until you are happy with the design. Once you have approved the mockup, the implant treatment is carried out over the duration of one day. We remove your damaged and infected teeth and decontaminate the tooth sockets using our Waterlase. This is an approach that very few clinics are able to offer at the moment but one which gives more predictability to the final outcome. It is necessary to destroy the bacteria that caused your teeth to become lose in the first place so the same thing won’t happen to your sterile, new implants.

If this is something that you are interested in, why not come in and talk to us or better yet, why not talk to some of people whom we have made this a reality for. We are happy to arrange a meeting for you.

During the treatment process, you have the comfort of having my personal telephone number should you have any concerns or questions. We ask that you take the next day off work to rest. After this you are ready to get on with your life.

A few months later when we unscrew the bridge to make sure that all the implants have fused to the bone, you are likely to have one of these emotional responses:

“Why didn’t I do this before?”

“I had forgotten salad / meat / apples taste so good!”

“My friends / family / colleagues think I’ve had a face-lift because I look younger!”

“I feel so confident when I talk, eat, smile.”

“People around me feel that I am a happier person to be around.”