We spend a lot of time and effort to allow our clients to become comfortable and build up trust in us. If however, you still feel anxious and would like the benefit of being in a dream like state then there is always SEDATION.

Sedation can be used to carry out treatment on patients who are nervous. At Integrated Dentalcare we offer intravenous sedation. This is administered by our specialist oral surgeon giving you the added peace of mind of having one surgeon monitoring and maintaining your relaxed state whilst the other one transforms your mouth into a more beautiful and healthy environment.

INTRAVENOUS SEDATION is a reliable and effective means of producing a relaxed state with a rapid onset of action. Additionally an amnesic effect is achieved which affects only the memory of that procedure and short time afterwards. According to our specialist, “it is similar to being drunk after a bottle of whiskey or gin, but without the hangover the next day.”


On the day of your appointment:

  • DO bring a responsible adult
  • DO continue to take any prescribed medicines
  • DO give the staff details of any change to your medical history
  • DO wear loose fitting clothing and comfortable flat shoes
  • AVOID bringing children with you
  • AVOID wearing nail varnish
  • AVOID drinking any alcohol
  • AVOID having a heavy meal before your appointment – it is important however that you do have something light and sugary about an hour or so before your appointment.

After your appointment (and until the following day):

  • REST- Put your feet up, perhaps even have a nap.
  • Have a responsible adult to look after you for 12 hours
  • Take any medicines you have been given
  • AVOID driving any vehicle
  • AVOID using any domestic appliances
  • AVOID signing any important documents
  • AVOID drinking any alcohol