The Satisfaction and Joy in working at a High Quality Dental Practice

Ania - Head Nurse, Integrated Dental Care EdinburghChoosing the right dentist isn’t always easy. When it comes to our mouths and teeth they are very sensitive areas of our body and there is nothing more comforting than having health care professionals we trust, especially when an emergency arises. When you have toothache or something breaks there is always that fear of what to do and who to turn to for help.

I have worked as a dental nurse in several dental clinics in the US and UK for the last 9 years. I have seen the fear and anxiety on the faces of people coming to the dentist not knowing who they are going to see, or being put in an assembly line with 10 minute emergency time scheduled and having treatment done without enough explanation simply because there isn’t enough time to do it. Doesn’t that sound familiar?

At Integrated Dentalcare, Edinburgh

Here at Integrated Dentalcare every patient is seen as an individual with his or her specific needs. Patients come to us knowing who they are going to see and there is always enough time to explain all the treatment options. Patients always have choices and there is no pressure on them to make the right decision.

Another aspect of the practice I really enjoy is the passion of work and the attention to detail in the work I see from working chair side. I see the high quality of dental treatment starting from simple fillings to complicated dental procedures.

The whole team takes pride in the work we provide. There is a lot of satisfaction and joy by being part of a great team!

Head Nurse, Integrated Dentalcare