Each denture is custom made to your exacting requirements. As such no two dentures are alike. Great care is taken to provide extra support to the inside of the mouth to allow the muscles to be well supported. Part denture options can be split into two features.

Frame Options

Acrylic – most cost effective material benefiting from the same high impact material that full dentures are made of so less brittle and less likely to break on impact. This option comes with colour toned gum work, which if you have a high smile which exposes a lot of gum then the acrylic can be made to blend into this.

Chrome – this is a cast metal frame, which can be, produced in very thin sections removing the bulkiness often associated with acrylic. The metal conducts heat and this helps give a natural feel. The rigidity of this material is good for stability and a precise fit.

Flexible – this very light material imparts comfort and gives a snug fit to the partial dentures. It can be produced in small delicate but strong sections allowing an amazing fit into deep areas that other material can’t enter easily.

Bio dentaplast – this highly biocompatible material is an alternative to metal frames for partial dentures. It is tooth coloured , flexible and can be designed to be a very delicate lightweight frame. Metal allergy suffers or those looking for a more holistic option would benefit from this material

Cost frames from


Teeth Options

We have a huge selection of teeth from which we can help you choose the right ones for you.

These can vary from quality acrylic teeth to premium quality composite teeth with numerous colours and light reflection properties mimicking the natural dentition.

The investment varies between £100 to £350 depending on the type chosen.

All care is provided at Integrated Dentalcare where the team is recognised for its friendly and supportive manner.