Laser Dentistry & Comfort at Integrated Dentalcare

Imagine the dentist just scanning your teeth with a laser and it fixing your cavities without the need of a shot or drill! This is quite a change in dentistry from when most of us were children!

Water Laser Dentistry

A laser, as we know, is a concentrated beam of energy. Water Laser Dentistry then, is a very thin intense beam of water. Some of us might have friends that have had Lasik Eye Surgery done, and the results are amazing; no need to wear glasses anymore. The same goes for dentistry. In the hands of a skilled professional a laser cab be precisely used for gum disease treatments, root canals, removal of growths and other procedures that otherwise scare us silly.


Today’s modern dental have been revolutionized from that of even five years ago. Laser Dentistry is a new technology that offers work on gum tissue, cavity preps, and other procedures without the feeling of pressure, heat and vibration.


Tooth enamel, being one of the hardest materials in the human body, has been traditionally worked on with metal hand tools . Today Water laser dentistry is able to remove tooth enamel decay or gum tissue very precisely. This leaves other areas of the mouth unaffected.


Due to the laser’s ability to be gentle and its coagulating capabilities, gum procedures are left with little or no bleeding. Also, there is less a need for anaesthesia as laser dentistry can often perform without the need for it.