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Aging apps: How to beat the aged teeth trend

Aging and appearance Apps: the biggest apps for your mobile and tablet devices of this year. If you haven’t heard of them until now, you’ve probably missed the trend.

The fad of altering your photograph to allow adding a smile to selfies -which was very entertaining on pets and babies!- showing you what it would be like with different attributes. One particular app used an aging filter which aged both the face AND the smile when used. A bit of recreational fun that everyone was sharing on social media in their spare time.  It was a hit with anyone that downloaded it. It left as quickly as it appeared but it’s still made its mark.

Why is this still relevant? It boils down to one simple apparent shift when these apps are in use. With a handful of face changing apps out there to make us our “perfect selves”, how come when using the aging filter it show us as being more like the opposite! The app adding grey hair and facial lines were surprising enough: we were even more surprised however to see the teeth were altered to look worn and yellow!

Changes with age are bound to happen such as a few wrinkles and the greying of hair. Nowadays though, we have so many ways to help ourselves appear more youthful, and our teeth are no exception. 


If a smile is showing signs of wear and tear, we may be able to help in the following ways:


  • Whitening to help brighten the existing structures


Whitening is useful as staining and discolouration can happen over time alongside potential underlying dental issues. White has historically connoted cleanliness and perfection. This links to the reason we view whitened teeth as youthful, healthy and clean



  • Attending your check ups and hygiene visits! 


While dentists do a great deal can be done to tackle the problems that can come with the passage of time, prevention is still the ideal. By following the guidance of your dental health team, you can help prevent many dental changes which may be attributed with age and keep your smile looking natural and youthful.



  • Restoration of cracked, broken teeth to recreate natural form and function


Having broken or cracked teeth is not aesthetically or physically aiding. By having them restored to their natural functional state, your youthful appearance and new found confidence in your bite is sure to follow. 



  • Removal of dark, metal restorations and appropriate replacement


Let’s face it; amalgam fillings are eye catchingly dark in comparison to the rest of your pearly whites. Removing the dark metal from your mouth and replacing it with something more natural means that you will have your former, more youthful bite back. 


Our personal focus is very much on providing the very best we can in caring for your dental health, and in doing so we can help rejuvenate and protect your smile. If you would like to look into these options with us at Integrated Dentalcare, do not hesitate to get in touch. 

Appearing youthful isn’t always about appearance. By approaching life with a positive attitude and a big smile to share is sometimes just as good! 



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