Integrated Dentalcare offer three levels depending on what you want to achieve aesthetically and types of materials used. The fit of each of these dentures will be the best that it can be.

  1. Premium – High quality teeth with quality acrylics to match your gum colour
  2. Premium plus – Made using precision instruments to mimic jaw positions and to determine the exact position of your teeth will sit most comfortably.
  3. Optimum Swiss – The “Rolls Royce” of dentures offering the same benefits as the premium denture but with the finest teeth available. Teeth that mimic the depth of colour and light reflection of natural teeth. These are created using an resin injection moulding concept which gives a unsurpassed fit and comfort to your denture. Truly Swiss made quality.

If you feel that you have spent a small fortune on your teeth but are no further forward than we would like the opportunity to help you. The most basic pleasure in life is eating and enjoying your food. It is necessary for health, your appearance and your social life. You should not have to worry about it.

If after all this you don’t have enough jaw bone to support your beautiful new denture, then perhaps dental implants may be the answer.

Do you?

  • Find smiling embarrassing, as the dentures don’t look like your natural teeth?
  • Feel that the gums don’t look real?
  • Embarrassed to be intimate with someone else incase they become aware that you are wearing dentures?
  • Do your dentures look plastic with a row of piano keys for teeth?
  • Suffer from problems eating due to loose dentures?
  • Suffer Denture sores making eating or talking a misery?
  • Have lack of confidence to eat certain foods incase dentures can’t cope; may stick together or may even fall out?
  • Have to limit your choices on the menu to what your teeth can cope with rather than what you want to eat?