For many years, Caroline has helped many people who were still suffering from denture problems, after having “done the rounds” in different dental practices but to no avail. She has  “cut out the middle man” and now directly provides both clinical and technical care for clients. This allows the client to benefit from her involvement from the very first day. She is able to offer bespoke solutions and numerous choices to fit everyone’s budget.

Do you?

  • Suffer from problems eating due to loose dentures?
  • Suffer Denture sores making eating or talking a misery?
  • Have lack of confidence to eat certain foods incase dentures can’t cope; may stick together or may even fall out?
  • Have to limit your choices on the menu to what your teeth can cope with rather than what you want to eat?
  • Find smiling embarrassing as the dentures don’t look like your natural teeth?
  • Feel that the gums don’t look real?
  • Embarrassed to be intimate with someone else incase they become aware that you are wearing dentures?

Why Us?

  • Over Combined 35 years’ dental experience
  • Eastman Dental Institute Post-Graduate in Dental Implants
  • Royal College of Surgeons Clinical Dental Technician Caring and approachable personal service
  • All Dentures guaranteed for 12 months*
  • All Implants guaranteed for 5 years*