European Commission study recommends ban of dental amalgam

BRUSSELS, Belgium: A new study, conducted on behalf of the European Commission, recommends phasing out dental amalgam use over the next few years owing to mercury’s negative impact on the environment. According to the recently published study results, the ban should be combined with improved enforcement of the EU waste legislation regarding dental amalgam. Dental […]

No pain, just dental gains

A DENTIST surgery in the Capital has launched what it calls the first pain-free treatment in Scotland. Integrated Dentalcare, based in the city centre, has brought in a technology used in Hollywood called water laser treatment. It means the practice’s 1000-plus patients will be able to access the care, which completely numbs the tooth and […]

Light Magic

Laser Dentistry has many advantages, not least the absence of pain writes Jake Harris Laser Love like interest free credit or a barbecue summer, pain-free dentistry sounds too good to be true. The last thing I expected when I popped in to investigate Integrated Dentalcare’s optimistic cliam was to be put in the dreaded hotseat […]