Tooth Replacement Case Study – Invisible Dentistry

Missing Teeth?

Dental implants are a great way of replacing one or more missing teeth. They are strong, long-lasting, and look and feel completely natural.

Patient Situation:

When this 48-year old woman was referred to us by her dentist, she was nervous about achieving a beautiful and lasting result. Her requirement was a reconstructed tooth imperceptible from her surrounding teeth. This particular case was classed as an advanced case because the tissues are very fine and aesthetic demands high – she has a broad smile.

The lost bone and thin skin had to be rebuilt using a four-stage intricate process and delicate surgical techniques using cutting edge products and technology. The implants themselves are tiny titanium metal rods which are gently placed into the jawbone. Over a few months the jawbone bonds with the rods to form, in effect, a false tooth root.

Dental Implant Case Study

Each phase of the treatment was carefully planned and controlled to create the perfect result – one that merges into the surroundings, making it difficult for even a dentist to discern the difference: invisible dentistry!

She has regular hygiene to maintain her smile and no whitening has been done as she wanted natural teeth. The process to copy adjacent natural teeth than whitened teeth is more technically demanding, but through exacting techniques and skills our team were able to exceed this woman’s expectations!

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