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We are passionate about learning about the latest advances in dentistry and healthcare. In fact both our dentists have studied extensively, in the UK and worldwide.


So Why Choose Us?

We realise that choosing the right dental clinic to meet your family’s and your own dental needs is of paramount importance to you.

Our dentists in Edinburgh undergo extensive training worldwide every year to keep at the forefront of the latest skills and developments in dentistry. Our dental team attends regular courses exceeding the requirements of the General Dental Council.

We invest heavily in the latest technology to make your visit a truly memorable experience and to provide the finest dentistry available

We place a high emphasis on building relationships with our clients. We feel that it is very important to provide our patients with clear information because we want to work harder to exceed our patients’ expectations.

Dental Phobia Certified
Neeraj Puri
GDC No. 71646
Allan Matthews
GDC No. 244091
Ben Wall
GDC No. 191649
Ella Lister
GDC No. 000000
Claire Morris
GDC No. 248144
Lucy Tait
GDC No. 000000
Monika Krzyzanowska
GDC No. 265804
Patricia Ann Farrell
GDC No. 124848
Mairi Ferguson
GDC No. 243678

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Neeraj Puri
GDC No. 71646
Principal Dentist
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Trusted Technology we use at Integrated Dental

Our use of lasers puts us at the forefront of futuristic dentistry, as we offer an experience that has minimal discomfort and faster healing.

Our selection of lasers include our state of the art Waterlaser, a low level laser therapy (LLLT) laser, a soft tissue laser and a diagnostic laser.

Proving much safer than typical drills and with the chance to be cheaper than standard fees, our laser technology is putting us leagues ahead of other dental surgeries.

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