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Dental Treatments in Edinburgh

We take great joy in helping people achieve the smile that they have always longed for. We use a variety of techniques to help you achieve the smile you have always longed for. Whether you are looking for teeth whitening, straightening of your teeth or any other dental service our dentists are on hand to help.

Our dental services:

Laser dentistry


Not enough bone? If you have been told that you may not have enough bone for dental implants do not despair, we have various solutions to deal with this situation.


Most people would like to have nice looking straight teeth because it improves their appearance. But did you realise that the position of the teeth and jaw also affects your health!

Occlusal/Bite Therapy

The way in which your teeth meet together is called “occlusion” ( the bite). Occlusion is nature’s way of balancing head and neck posture. We, at Integrated Dentalcare, have an advanced understanding of occlusion allowing us to detect specific reasons that cause harmful bite patterns.

When there are discrepancies with the bite these can cause problems such as:

  • tooth wear/sensitivity
  • aching jaw muscles/joints
  • clicking or locking of the jaw joint
  • tenderness of the facial muscles which extends to the neck and shoulders resulting in neck stiffness or limited movement.
  • headaches

Occlusal therapies that we offer together in refining the bite together with the use of customised hard splints may be able resolve these problems.

Treatments on offer from Integrated Dentalcare:

Initial New Patient Examination

  • The chance to sit down with the dentist in a calm and relaxing environment and discuss in detail your aspirations and requirements. Whether this be for your general dentistry, a full mouth reconstruction; to straighten teeth, whiten teeth or replace missing teeth this is the opportunity to chat about what you want without feeling rushed.
  • Optional digital scan looking at your teeth and fillings as well as the bone surrounding them.
  • soft tissue/oral cancer check
  • Gum health assessment
  • Medical history check
  • functioning of bite and assessing for disharmony leading to tooth sensitivity, headaches, neck discomfort or cracked/ chipped teeth.

Routine Dental Examination
Comprehensive dental examination encompassing:

  • dental check
  • gum assessment to check for gum disease, inflammation and areas at risk of developing problems
  • soft tisue/oral cancer check
  • medical history check
  • Advice and opportunity to ask questions

Standard Hygienist Visit

  • Assessment of oral hygiene and more in depth analysis of gum problems.
  • Delivering a thorough cleaning and polishing of the teeth resulting in the removal of bacteria and calcified plaque in the mouth.
  • Advice on homecare to maintain excellant oral hygiene and as a result reduce the risk of more dental problems.
  • Root Canal Treatment
  • Inlays
  • Crowns
  • Veneers
  • Porcelain Bonded Bridge
  • Laser dentistry
  • Treatment of gummy smiles
  • Second opinions
  • Implants to replace one tooth to a whole mouth or stabilise loose denture
  • Non extraction orthodontics
  • ozone treatment