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Testimonials from our Patients

Caroline is an amazing Clinical Dental Technician. She puts you at ease straight away by explaining what she is going to do, how the denture will be held in place and what it will be made of. (To my surprise there are many different materials available nowadays).
All the treatment I have received has been totally pain free. (Wonderful!)
Now that I am wearing my new denture I can’t believe how comfortable it is and best of all it never moves when I speak or eat and you can’t tell the difference from my own teeth.
Thank you Caroline, you are brilliant.

Doreen P

Caroline is an excellent Clinical Dental Technician and a very good ‘find’ for the Practice. She explains what she plans and what she is doing and how the appliance will work.
She was very patient with my initial resistance and the result of our combined persistence is that I now have no trouble from stuck raspberry pips! A perfect fit!


From the moment I met and was greeted by Dr Puri and the team at Integrated Dentalcare I was so pleased and happy with the excellent service and treatment I received throughout all my appointments. Also I would like to say my denture that I now proudly sporting and smiling away fits perfectly and looks excellent (No-one can tell the difference from my own teeth). The workmanship that has gone into making my denture is exceptional and the difference it has made to my smile for my wedding this year makes me feel so much more confident and relaxed about the Wedding photos!! (I will send a photo onto you) I would like to say a massive Thank you to Dr Puri and all the team for giving memy Smile back and I have been highly recommending your practice to everyone I meet!! If I need anymore treatment in the future for such high quality I will be back!! Kindest regards

Amanda Hood

Dr Puri and his assistant were brilliant and made the job of having my two mercury fillings replaced very quick and painless. I will definitely use Integrated dentalcare in the future instead of my previous dentist. Dr Puri was also really helpful in sharing his own experience of mercury removal with me and gave me a lot of useful advice.

Ben P

I am deeply appreciative of the excellent care I received from you ( on an emergency basis ) on November 12, 2010 . It was so fortunate that my good friend met me Thursday evening for dinner, at which time I informed him of my loose tooth. He graciously offered that I might take his appointment on the next day. You were very kind in accommodating both of us on the morning of Friday, November 12.
I had absolutely zero difficulties after you removed my tooth ( and infection! ). After a day of rest, I was able to continue on my schedule while in Scotland. Thanks to you, my trip was as enjoyable as I had anticipated. Without your assistance, I would at least have had to cancel my trip to return home to take care of my dental problems. Many warm thanks again!

Professor RG

Thank you all very much for your excellent care throughout a very long and sometimes not very pleasant treatment to have implants to replace lost teeth. As you know I chose you guys because I was told that ‘ Yes we could give you implants BUT ‘. The BUT part was the other things that had to happen, the brace, the sinus lift and the bone graft, the implants and finally the teeth. Other dentists consulted only said “yes we can do implants” and did not engender any confidence in me at all. My initial consultation with Neeraj gave me confidence, and I always felt very comfortable in his care. A subsequent consultation and treatment with Huw was also stress free (although braces at my age 60 was rather a nuisance and the butt of a few jokes amongst friends). All treatments were explained carefully so that I knew exactly what they entailed, and they were always carried out with professionalism and concern for my well being. I must also say that the reception staff and everyone I encountered were very pleasant and helpful. All in all an extremely positive experience and I would recommend the practice to anyone wishing dental treatment. I can now smile without any black holes being visible and I am getting used to eating with my new lovely teeth.


My smile looks simply amazing! Very professional and efficient dentistry and my teeth feel just like real ones!

Fiona B

Excellent treatment today in a very friendly, informative environment.

Dorothy M

Neeraj is the first dentist that I really trust. Absolutely up-to-date and very skilful. Niki too, is amazingly thorough and leaves ones teeth feeling wonderful. The care and attention one receives from everyone in the practice is quite exceptional! Thank you so much.

John C

I was a bit nervous in case the laser hurt. I didn’t feel a thing and it was very quick.

Danuta O

I have always dreaded local anaesthetics. Having now experienced laser filling – whaw!! Pain free and fabulous.

Andrea G

I really enjoyed the laser instead of the drill for the three fillings I’ve just had. No injections, no vibrations, No drilling noise. A much less intrusive dental experience.

Ross B

I’ve just had my first filling using the laser instead of the drill. What a difference! No numbness, no grinding drill. Totally pain-free and comfortable.

Kevin T

Neeraj gave me the smile I’ve wanted for so many years and I am very grateful. I’m going to flash my Hollywood smile to everyone and spread the word about this excellent dental clinic.


I am absolutely delighted with the difference in my teeth as a result of wearing a brace for 18 months. I feel more confident in my smile! It’s been a pleasure being in the care of Huw and Robyn. Their enthusiasm and energy are remarkable and very infectious!

Michael A

I cannot thank Neeraj enough for the support and hard work he has given me over the past few years. He turned a nightmare into a dream for me! I can now enjoy eating, socialising and have my confidence back to enjoy life. Manor place has such a wonderful atmosphere. It is one big caring family. There is always a welcoming smile from Jean, Lucy and Gemma.


From the start of my treatment everything was carefully planned and explained and I was reassured all the time. Neeraj has a wonderful ‘bedside manner’ and is very ably assisted by Gemma. Even paying the bills to Lucy and Jean seems almost painless! With my new teeth I feel much more confident.

Mr Anderson

In my experience having quite a few years experience everyone here is always kind and caring. I am always satisfied with the treatment and don’t dread a visit to ‘the Dentist’ any more.

Jean P

I have never had such a thorough, gentle and professional smile make-over! Neeraj is superb!

Liz S

I’m very pleased with IDC. The staff are superb, decor and furnishing fab! Huw is just lovely.

Alison W

My colleagues yesterday were really amazed to see me absolutely pain-free, it was such a contrast between me in agonising pain and in a few hours-me as fit as a fiddle. Of course I’ve told them about you quite a lot, but yesterday I was live proof of how wonderful you are and a vivid, striking advertisement for your practice. I really want all the people to know about you and your team. Thank you so much for putting aside all the appointments and taking care of me yesterday! I do appreciate it and it is needless to say that you and the team are all my friends and I know I can always rely on you.