Testimonials from our Patients
  • On deciding for health reasons to have my amalgam fillings removed in 2014, I looked around for a mercury free dentist as I knew the importance of having this procedure done properly and safely. It wasn’t a decision I’d come to lightly. I came across Integrated Dental Care. After booking a consultation with Neeraj and chatting to him I was completely at ease with my decision. He was honest, knowledgeable, and didn’t press me to make any choices I wasn’t comfortable with. I decided to commence with treatment and every step was talked through clearly, the procedures were painless and I was made to feel very relaxed. I am incredibly happy with my treatment and have already experienced benefits from having my amalgams removed. I would not hesitate to recommend Integrated Dental Care to anyone searching for a safe Mercury free dentist and considering taking this step themselves.
    Many thanks to all at the practice.

  • I was looking for a holistic dentist who could offer a metal free implant, i.e. a zirconium implant. As a result of Neeraj Puri using laser technology during the treatment I found that there was almost no swelling and very little pain immediately after the dental surgery. After having had dental work over a number of years with other dentists, I can honestly say that Neeraj’s advice and technical ability is second to none. As a result, I now have a metal free zirconium implant which is functioning perfectly and has fully integrated into my jaw just like a natural tooth.


  • I came, I saw and Neeraj conquered the awful amalgam in my mouth.
    For months after finding out about amalgam I spent a lot of time worrying about my health. However after a consultation with Neeraj
    I felt totally at ease and knew I was in safe hands.
    Neeraj done a truly wonderful job removing the amalgam and restoring my existing teeth.
    I would recommend this Practice to anyone, the staff are very professional and nice and offer unparalleled service

    Many thanks

  • In 2007/2008 Neeraj Puri changed my life by giving me confidence to smile.
    I have 4 lower, & 6 upper mini implants securing a full set of dentures.

  • I have been a patient of Integrated dentalcare for a number of years and am delighted that Adrian Stewart has joined the practice.
    Adrian is an extremely experienced dentist who pays great attention to detail and makes every effort to put his patients at ease. I recently had a molar refilled and was delighted with the care and attention he took during the process and with the result , the finished work looks exactly like a real tooth. I am very happy to recommend Adrian to prospective patients and am sure they would receive the same quality of dentistry and care as I have received.

  • Two years ago I was not feeling great about the state of my teeth. I was wearing a denture for a missing front tooth, and some crowns which I had put in some thirty years before were looking decidedly the worse for wear. Generally this was making me feel depressed and lacking in self – confidence.
    Since then I have had a dental implant to replace my missing tooth, root canal treatment and replacement crowns, as well as regular dental check- ups and hygienist treatment.
    I am delighted with the results so far and would highly recommend Neeraj and his team. All through my treatment Neeraj has taken time to explain to me what is being done and has made everything as comfortable as possible for me. The staff at the Practice are friendly and caring and follow up care is very good. Gold star treatment all round. Well done !

  • I recently underwent extensive dental treatment at Integrated Dentalcare. Before embarking on this process, Neeraj spent a considerable amount of time going through everything with me and explaining exactly what each stage would entail. He advised that I required four implants, five crowns, three extractions and a new bottom plate. This was a considerable amount of dental work to have done and I had to weigh up the financial implications very carefully. Neeraj answered all of my questions and at no time did I feel under pressure to proceed with the work. I decided to go ahead with the various treatments and I am glad to say that, almost a year down the line, it has been a worthwhile journey. I no longer have to wear a top plate and I have a beautiful set of top teeth. My bottom plate is settling in nicely.

    I cannot speak highly enough of the entire team at Integrated Dentalcare. Neeraj is very skilled and showed great compassion at every stage. I had great confidence in everything he did and his dental nurses proved to be caring and attentive. My thanks to both Adrian and Caroline for their area of expertise. Jean and Lucy also deserve special mention for their professional manner and excellent levels of care. Should anyone be considering dental implants, I would certainly recommend Integrated Dentalcare.

  • Just completed ‘phase 2′ of a rather complicated root canal … normally this would be a terrible time to write a note, but the care and service was excellent! Dr Stewart worked carefully and well, leaving me in much better shape than before, with a minimum of discomfort. I would strongly recommend Integrated Dentalcare and Dr Adrian Stewart to any of my friends.

  • Before coming here I was terrified of dentists after having several bad experiences.
    Neeraj and Adrian were brilliant at giving me reassurance and very patient with me throughout my treatment.
    I am extremely happy with the results and will be less nervous next visit.
    A huge thank you to them both and to the dental nurses and hygienist and also the reception staff – Great team !

  • As a child I wasn’t a huge fan of the dentist but I went along gritted my teeth and braved it. One day, however, things went wrong. I needed a filling. Unfortunately what should have been a routine procedure turned out to be a truly traumatic experience. An apprehension about going to the dentist turned into an extreme phobia. From that day on I no longer trusted the dentist, I feared the personnel, the procedures, even the building. That was 14 years ago.

    Since that day I tried various dental practices and relaxation therapies but never made any meaningful progress. I was referred to a clinical psychologist for help and even undertook a course of hypnotherapy. The best treatments in the world however won’t work unless you trust the dentist and the treatment.

    August 2010 my husband and I booked appointments for a New Patient Examination with Dr Neeraj Puri. When you have a phobia it’s not just you that’s affected, it affects your whole family. My husband went first so that I could watch. Even though it was not my appointment Neeraj immediately identified my fear and very kindly took the time to explain everything he was doing and answer all my questions. 24 hours later it was my examination. Thanks to Neeraj’s patience, understanding and caring temperament I was able to cope with the appointment. When he explained that I really need 2 fillings (including that same on from 14 years ago) he took the time to explain all the options available to me stressing that he’d only do what I was comfortable with.

    12 days later it was time to face the cavity which turned my life upside down 14 years ago. 23 August I arrived at the practice terrified. I hadn’t had a proper night’s sleep, I hadn’t eaten anything in case I was sick, and as I sat waiting the tears began to well up as I recalled how I felt all those years ago. I told my husband I don’t think I can do this.

    Within 10 minutes I was in the dreaded dentist chair, shaking from head to toe with nerves – scared of the unknown, scared of the pain I was sure was to come. Neeraj wasn’t fazed. He was confident, yet patient, sympathetic and kind. For the first time I felt I could actually trust a dentist; for the first time I felt like “we” were actually going to get through this as a team.

    The laser was amazing. Neeraj had set aside an hour for this one filling. Before he started, he showed me the laser on my hand, tested it on one of my front teeth and put it on my tooth for 10 seconds so that I could get a preview of what was to come. I was told that I could put my hand up to stop things when I needed it. The appointment took almost the full hour but I was able to cope and even started to relax a bit as time went on. The entire process was entirely pain free and once it was over I felt in shock rather than immediate joy. It took at least an hour and numerous checks in the mirror for the reality to sink in – someone with as bad a history as myself had actually managed to get this cavity treated after 14 years.

    No pain, no local anaesthetic or sedation, and essentially a dentist you can truly trust are great weapons in helping others like me feel less anxiety about going to the dentist. I have no doubt that I am not ‘cured’ of my phobia (reality is that I am unlikely to every be completely at ease) but I am now optimistic at the future, that together, working as a team, we can now develop effective coping strategies to reduce my anxieties.