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Teeth Replacements in Edinburgh

Why do we need to replace missing teeth when we can chew effectively without all our teeth?

What most people do not understand is that when we lose teeth, other teeth drift and collapse into the space where the tooth was lost.

The teeth are an integral part of our body system and the bite has a very important role in balancing the head and neck mechanics. When we lose teeth this can impact on how our body functions and supports our body function. For instance if our bite loses its support at the back on our molars the jaw will function backwards and upwards and the result will push the head into a forward posture creating real tension in the neck muscles. This neck strain can cause headaches but also feeds down into the lower back and on into the knees and feet.

There are basically three ways to replacing missing teeth:

  1. The ‘Rolls Royce’ is to replace a missing tooth using an implant which is a titanium cylinder that is placed into bone and then allows the bone to grow around it. A crown is then placed onto the implant to look and function like a tooth. To carry out implant procedures takes skill and constant continuing education. Here at Integrated Dentalcare we take pride in our educational updates.
  2. Another way to replace a single or at most two missing teeth in the same area would be to make a bridge to fill the space. A bridge involves crowning the two adjacent teeth and hanging aesthetically pleasing false teeth on the two adjacent crowns.
  3. Finally, a partial denture, preferably made using a chrome cobalt base for strength and to keep it relatively thin. The teeth are matched to the colour of the other teeth and the metal is aesthetically hidden behind a gum coloured plastic.