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Tooth Decay Detection

Primary decay detection involves inspection of all visible tooth surfaces using a good light source, dental mirror and explorer. Dental radiographs (X-rays) may show dental decay before it is otherwise visible, particularly decay between the teeth. Large dental cavities are often apparent to the naked eye, but smaller lesions can be difficult to identify.

We make use of hospital grade digital x-ray sensors to detect small problems in teeth. The benefits to you are instant results viewed on high definition screens with minimal radiation.

Visual and tactile inspection, along with radiographs, are employed frequently among dentists, particularly to diagnose pit and fissure cavities. Early uncavitated decay is often diagnosed by blowing air across the suspect surface, which removes moisture and changes the optical properties of the unmineralised enamel. We make frequent use of mouth cameras to diagnose decay in teeth allowing you to see what we are viewing. Unfortunately on biting surfaces of teeth the decay under the enamel is not visible until it has reached an advanced stage. We can use a laser to view this disease process; minimising the need for extensive treatment later on.

Digital Panoramic Scanner - Tooth Decay Detection - Edinburgh Dentist